Royal Alex Plaza

The Kingsway area in Edmonton is currently benefitting from City-incentivized opportunities for revitalization to make the area a more inviting place to walk and shop and to increase area residents’ quality of life. AVID worked with the owners of Royal Alex Plaza to refresh their building, exploring options such as modernizing the design while integrating existing elements, adding human-scale elements to make the environment more friendly, and incorporating exterior lighting to distinguish the building from its neighbours.

The chosen scheme utilizes a panel system built in front of the existing dormers, creating a two-layer façade. The back layer is a charcoal grey corrugated panel with smooth light grey metal panels floating in front that allows the colour to peek through depending on the angle and lighting conditions. LED-lit signage was integrated into the front panels along with lights in the soffits to illuminate the building and adjacent sidewalk during the evening, while the metal signage letters shimmer against the sunlight during the day.

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