Our Services

Collaborative, Feasible, Visionary

Our Services

Collaborative, Feasible, Visionary


Good Architecture

creates a sense of place, and enables people to live and work in the best possible way.
Through our work, we help people build strong communities.

Good Architecture

creates a sense of place, and enables people to live and work in the best possible way.
Through our work, we help people build strong communities.

Visioning, Planning + Feasibility Analysis, & Business Care

During the initial visioning and planning stages of a project, we explore how to maximize the opportunities of a project while minimizing potential problems. This includes finding out what type of structure will be most functional for an owner or organization, how much this will cost and all the parameters of a potential future development.

We are experts at producing Business Cases that are specific to buildings to ensure that our clients have the knowledge needed to make decisions on how to move forward. These business cases are also often used for our clients to obtain the government funding they require for their building.

Architectural Design

Our design philosophy is built around the central principles of working collaboratively, achieving innovation through practical means, and creating a sense of place and community through spatial design and architecture. We think big, and apply sound expertise to make sure the details fit the big picture.

Throughout all phases of a project, we look at the design from the contractor’s perspective and ask, “how could this be built?” This process ensures that what we design can be built, that costs are kept in line with expectations, and that the original design intent and vision is maintained from start to finish.

Interior Design

Our interior design creates a sense of place, and enables people to live and work in the best way possible. Our service also includes furniture and material selection.

Community Engagement

We have a strong background in community facilities, including public engagement, and the initial planning steps of a project. Our team members have guided many volunteer- and community-run organizations, including volunteer work with our local community leagues. We’ve presented at City-sponsored events about community projects.

We have a passion for community building. We think that designing buildings that celebrate cultural pride and a strong identity helps foster strong people and communities.

Our team has lived and worked in Alberta, primarily in Edmonton but also in other communities, small and large, and on projects across Canada.

Existing Building Assessment

We complete an extensive review of the existing buildings, including detailed building code and life safety analysis for buildings, elemental analysis outlining components and needed critical repairs, as well as high level cost and risk analysis of several potential scenarios for redeveloping the facilities.

Design Installations

Our team designed and built two pavilions for the Ignite Edmonton festival, one working with a local artist, and we were also invited to design an installation for the Zoominesence festival at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Project Management

Each project we do begins with a Project Work Plan, in which we build a destination statement, or desired end goal, for the project. The work plan identifies each step necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

Our internal project management system ensures risks are evaluated continuously throughout the process and steps are taken to mitigate them as they arise. We use a variety of tools to ensure communication between owners, the project team, and other stakeholders is clear and straightforward.

Life Cycle Costing & Sustainable Design

It is of utmost importance to consider life cycle costs of a building over its life span when making capital building cost decisions. Our sustainable design approach is structured to reduce future operating and maintenance costs, resulting in a durable, easily maintained, and flexible facility that can be adapted to changes in use over its life span.

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