Municipal Library Expansion

AVID was hired to provide architectural services for an expansion of an existing municipal library into an adjacent space. The scope of work included an existing building analysis and feasibility study in addition to developing a new design, and several visioning workshops were held to collaboratively determine what was needed and desired by the town and area residents. In total, over 200 people participated in the library’s needs assessment workshops, resulting in over 700 responses and ideas for the library that were central in how we refined the project goals and overall vision.

Abundant natural light, comfortable and accessible space, sound separation between noisy and quiet activity spaces, and maximizing operational efficiency are key priorities and aspirations for this new library. Our design sought to be a social space for the community that promotes literacy and lifelong learning, to represent the identity of the community and become a source of civic pride, and to better integrate the existing building with its surroundings while prolonging its lifecycle.

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