Boyle Street Community Services Renovation

Boyle Street Community Services requires a renovated and expanded facility to help meet service capacity, address safety issues, and enhance community wellness. Serving a vulnerable population largely comprised of Indigenous people, this new space will reflect Indigenous culture, provide adaptability to accommodate future needs, enable access to calm and soothing spaces, and offer better quality outdoor spaces to enjoy.

An important element of the new space will be cultural expression to help facilitate a connection between land, community, self and others. A cultural space for ceremonies and events located by the building’s entrance will integrate a wood screen pattern referencing prairie grasses, wheat, braiding, and sweetgrass, while the presence of the medicine wheel in the design reflects the teachings of the four directions. Equilibrium is embodied in the floor plans, while circular forms echo the symbol of equity. Nature is brought inside through the central atrium and views out to exterior garden areas.

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