Infill Competition

AVID submitted two designs to the City of Edmonton’s 2016 Infill Competition, winning an Award of Merit for the hoUSe project. AVID’s designs sought to explore new housing possibilities that support diverse families and modes of cohabitation.

hoUSe reimagines the typical semi-detached house by incorporating shared spaces that provide flexibility for diverse owners such as related siblings, parents on one side and an adult child on the other, and friends and other ‘family’ groups that interact on a close-knit basis. Meals shouldn’t have to be solitary activities, so a flexible central dining space allows for divisions of space to suit various needs and lifestyles. Directly above, the homes share an outdoor screened courtyard.

OneBySix combines two suburban lots into a subtle housing cooperative that fits into its context. The larger multipurpose communal spaces allow for smaller private suites, increasing density on the site, while the large side yards help maintain a sense of privacy from adjacent properties.

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